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Great view of the Marina of Samana
walking along the new Malecon

Cayo Vigia of Los Puentes - The famous Bridges to Nowhere in the small Town of Samana...
The island of Cayo Vigia at the end
of the famous bridges of Los Puentes

Politur Tourism police in Samana, headed by the Captain Kingsley. Safety and Security is assured all over the Samana Peninsula by Politur.Politur (Now named CESTUR) is the Tourism Police assuring Safety and Security in the Samana region.

Cayacoa Hotel of Gran Bahia Principe overlooking the Town of Samana...
Cayacoa Hotel of Gran Bahia
Principe overlooking the Marina
and Town of Samana

Public Beach of Cayacoa in Town of Samana...
Public beach Cayacoa, just a few
minutes walking from Downtown

Spectacular public beach of the island Cayo Levantado, just a few minutes away by boat from the village of Samana
The Spectacular public beach of
famous Cayo Levantado island

The long and pretty public beach called Playa Anadel located just a few kilometers from Santa Barbara de Samana
1 Kilometer long Playa Anadel,
a mere 4 kilometers from
the Town of Samana


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Banks ~ ATM Machines ~ Western Union

There are 4 main Banks in the town of Samana
Scotia Bank | Banco Popular | Banco BHD | Banco de Reserva
Open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
All have ATM Machines : Open 24 hours a day

Western Union is located on the waterfront close to main dock.
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Electricity - Electrical current - Voltage

North American Standard 3 way plug - 110 Volts

National Holidays 2020

1 January > New Year's   |  6 January > Epiphany  |  21 January > Altagracia
26 January
> Duarte's Birthday  |  27 February > Independence Day
10 April > Easter Day  |  1 May > Labour Day
11 June > Corpus Christi  |  16 August > Restauration Day
24 September > Our Lady of las Mercedes
6 November > Constitution Day  |  25 December > Christmas Day

Samana International Airport - El Catey (AZS)

Samana International Airport - El Catey ( AZS ) is located 60 kilometers from the town of Samana... Map of Samana Dominican Republic International Airport El Catey.

The new Samana International Airport - El Catey
has been opened since November 2006

The Airport is located about 50 kilometers ( 30 miles )
from the town of Samana

Safety and Security

Samana is actually one of the safest place in Dominican Republic
POLITUR now named CESTUR is the Tourism Police force in Samana,
with more than 80 agents patrolling Samana Peninsula towns, streets and beaches.

Internet Centers and WIFI

There are many Internet Centers in Samana all over town
Also, you will find many restaurants and terraces with FREE Internet WIFI

Cellular Phones in Samana

There are 3 main providers of Cellular Phones Services in Samana ORANGE from France Telecom
CLARO from Codetel
You will find many offices spread out all over town

Whale Museum of Samana / Nature Center

The Whale Museum and Nature Center ( Centro de la Naturaleza )
Open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm - ALL YEAR
Samana has one of the largest marine mammal sanctuaries in the World.
It is a major center for Whale Watching activities in the migration season,
every single year the Whales are here from January 15 th to March 31 st.

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The Best Beaches in Samana + Local Public Beach

Cayacoa Beach is the main public beach in Samana shared with the
GBP Cayacoa Hotel, only a few minutes walk from downtown.

> See how to get to Cayacoa Beach on our Map

Cayo Levantado Island
has the most spectacular white sand public beach.
Accessible only by boat, from the Main Dock in the town of Samana.
Transportation cost is around $8 USD per person for round-trip.
Boat departure at 9:00 AM and return around 5:00 PM.

Playa Anadel is located only 4 Kilometers east from the town of Samana.

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Bridges to Nowhere in Samana • Los Puentes de Samana

Samana Walking Bridges to Nowhere - Bridges of Samana Town, Los Puentes of Samana.

Famous Walking Bridges of Samana
The Walking Bridges to Nowhere in Samana are the Icons of the lovely small town of Samana. Built in the late 1960's, these famous bridges where intended to have at the end a Casino Complex and a Restaurant-Bar. Only later, in the mid-eighties was open a two level Restaurant-Bar that lasted only a few years and now only the structure remains. You will find many Park Benches with rest areas spread along the 1.3 kilometers lenght of walking distance. This is a favorite place among locals and foreigners alike to take a stroll early in the morning or late afternoon before sunset. The access to the entrance of the Bridges is at the bottom of the Cayacoa Beach.

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Hacienda Samana Bay - Condo Hotel Resort

Hacienda Samana Bay - Condohotel & Condominiums in Samana City Dominican Republic.

New Project in front of the
Malecon of Samana
Residential area embedded into the sea, nature and the city. It enjoys the advantages of being in the city of Santa Bárbara de Samana, whilst having complete privacy. Its location offers a natural, protected and unique environment in the Dominican Republic.
The essence of the purest Caribbean.

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Vista Mare Samana

Vista Mare - Luxurious Residences and Apartments located in Los Cacaos
12 kilometers from the town of Samana

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Puerto Bahia Samana

Puerto Bahia Samana - Marina & Residences
The Bannister Hotel - Member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Located only 5 Kilometers from the town of samana

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